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About Us

Carefully Crafted Business Support


Who Am I?

SimpliBookkeeping was created and founded by Emad Guirguis in 2019 with one goal in mind, to help companies grow and focus on their businesses. He takes on the work that most do not have the time to do and because of his dedication and niche to help small companies, many continue to grow and flourish.

Since the pandemic of 2020 hit, many companies began struggling to keep their doors open. I decided to help those small businesses in maintaining efficient cost expenditures to keep them afloat. What I noticed during these tough times was that many businesses did not have a foundational grasp of their finances whether there is a global pandemic or not. By helping these few businesses with a sound structure and basis, it has only led to stability and growth from then on. Due to this recent success, I have decided to tailor SimpliBookkeeping in focusing on financial growth with businesses specifically in the medical and nutrition industries. 

As part of a growing industry and company, I like to strive and continuously support my clients and their networks. In doing so, I have added a clients tab above where you can view all the industries and relations that we support. Feel free to contact one of our trusted business owners in supporting your growing needs. 

Why Choose Us?

SimpliBookkeeping is dedicated to help make your finances more organized so that you can focus your time and energy into your business without having to stress and worry about whom is owed and to whom you may owe. Our goal here at SimpliBookkeeping is to keep you more aware of the health of your business by allowing you to be 100% in control of your finances when need be. A great advantage here at SimpliBookkeeping is that we always strive to help you eliminate unnecessary costs as well as reach maximum profit potential. Come tax season, you'll be thankful you chose us to be by your side for your finances.

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